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Aakaar Jewellery

About Us

Aakaar was conceived in early 1995 by Bindhu Mathai as a design studio for hand-crafted Terracotta Jewellery which would cater to a select clientele in and around Bangalore. From its humble beginnings as a creative outlet of an amateur woman entrepreneur, Aakaar has slowly grown in stature and is now privileged to have built a reputation as one of the best Terracotta Jewellery makers in the country. Bindhu Mathai is a recipient of the National Award for her contribution towards her craft of terracotta jewellery by the government of India.

It has been the venture of Aakaar to provide an opportunity for womenfolk to earn their livelihood from a creative vocation. Our close knit family of artisans includes women from mostly rural backgrounds, who have been imparted in-house training which helped them develop over the years, a high level of skill and workmanship. A special feature of our products has been that despite being entirely hand crafted, the jewellery is extremely uniform in shape and size.

Most designs are inspired by Nature and most of them are modified and taken from the temple traditions of India. Over the years Aakaar has adapted to the changing needs of the Indian woman with a range of designs which are both a fashion accessory and at the same time extremely functional and durable.

We consider our customers as a part of the Aakaar family and believe in forging a relationship built on mutual appreciation for the art form and shared sense of values. It is little wonder then that our customers have grown with us over the years and our merchandise has found its way into markets all over the globe. Our products include Chokers, Short & Long Necklaces, Danglers, Bracelets, Earrings, and other beauty accessories.

Why Us?

Think “Terracotta”, think “Earth”! Aakaar was born of such a dream of creating a sustainable enterprise which draws from the elements - namely earth, wind and fire and combining it with traditional Indian craftsmanship and skill. Each piece of this line of jewellery is hand-made, piece-by-piece and strung together by skilled crafts persons who have found a new means of livelihood and keeping the traditions of their forefathers alive. while roots are ancient, our interpretations are often vibrant, contemporary and for the modern day woman.

The most important ingredient that makes Aakaar unique is PASSION - Passion for the environment, passion for our heritage and Passion for Creation and Innovation.

Experience Aakaar and experience the Magic of Terracotta

Our History

Aakaar was founded by Bindhu Mathai in a small studio workshop in the out skirts of Bangalore.

In a short span of two years Bindhu receives the National Award by the government of India for her contribution towards her craft of terracotta jewellery, placing her in the elite list of master craft persons from across the country.

1995 - 2000
Artisans mainly women from mostly rural backgrounds, are imparted in-house training which helped them develop over the years, a high level of skill and workmanship. With a focus on jewellery Aakaar slowly builds its reputation as one the best terracotta jewellery makers in the country.

2000 - present
Aakaar grows in size and stature with a clientele spanning the globe. Aakaar continues its pursuit of art and excellence in every piece of hand crafted terracotta jewellery.

Our Team

We believe technology should get out of the way, so there's no limit to what people can do. We're a thoughtful, tightly-knit team that's committed to realizing ambitious ideas. We're making technology work for the world, and the best is still to come.

Mrs. Bindhu Mathai


National Award

Master Craftsperson – 1997

Our Team

Past & Present


Craftsman at work

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